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risos 07-08-2012 02:20 PM

Bottle or professional color?
Once my roots grow back in I'm considering going back to my natural color. I'm waiting to see my root color, it's either dark brown or black. Currently my hair is an auburn. What are some good DIY colors? I'm looking for a natural healthy look. I know sometimes you can end up looking like Elmira when going too dark which I'd like to avoid. Professionals have done this to me before. I have olive skin tone, long, porous hair 3b and dark brown eyes. My dream color has always been light ash brown but after many professional and costly failed attempts I am thinking about letting that idea go. I like the auburn I have now but it's only noticeable when I straighten it and it's drying so I am thinking it's not worth maintaining. One hair color I have used numerous times in the past post poor dye job attempts has been revlons dark brown. Im sure there are better ones out now though. Any suggestions?

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