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luly09 07-26-2012 08:44 AM

Vitamin C to lighten too-dark color!!
Hi everyone! I decided that I wanted to become a redhead al'a Debra Messing. I picked out a medium alburn and put it on my light/med brown hair. What I got was a cherry cola color!! Way too dark! I didn't want to bleach or use the stinky color remover. What to do? I found on the web that folks were crushing up vitamin C tablets, with a rolling pin, mortar and pestle, what have you, mixing it with a clarifying shampoo(or head and shoulders) and putting it on their damp hair and getting stellar results! So hey, why not give it a whirl? So I went to Walgreens, got a 500mg bottle of cheap vit C, put about 20 or so in a baggie, crushed it by using a rolling pin, mixed it with Suave clarifying shampoo, put it on damp(water squeezed out) hair, covered it with a plastic bag and left it on for 30 min. I'll be darned! Yep, sure enough--it was 2 shades lighter! I followed up with GVP conditioning balm(the vit c/shampoo combo does dry the hair a little but nothing like the chemical alternatives). Going for round 2 now. You keep it up until you achieve the shade you want and dye it the desired color. I'm keeping mine the way it is. I'm starting to see Debra!! Sorry so long, but I wanted to share! I hope it helps someone.:flower:

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