Products to lighten hair without dye?

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I have highlighted my 2b hair for years. Recently my colorist started charging much more so I tried someone new. She basically colored me back to my natural dk blond/lt brwn color. I plan to go back to my regular stylist in several weeks, but in the mean time is there anything I can use to lighten my hair. I know stuff like sun in is crap and will leave my hair orange. But, maybe something natural might work better? Or should I just wait it out still I can go back and see my regular guy? The woman I went to used a toner and it just didn't lighten my hair. I am much darker than I'm used to. TIA
Honey. I did honey masks twice a week and used a bit of honey in my gel every day and after the first week my hair was all toned with a medium golden color. The peroxide in it lightens nicely with no noticeable damage for my 3b hair. And I'm very damage prone!
Was the honey mask pure honey? How long did it take to see changes?
Yes pure raw honey is what i used. Sometimes id add conditioner. And after a week, i noticed. I have a pic here...this is all i have sorry it's not the best but my hair is naturally almost black and this was after 3 weeks. So 6 masks and daily use of a drop in my gel. This was a huge difference. Everyone thought i lightened my hair.

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This is how dark it was prior. For reference. Hope it helps.
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Here is the original honey lightening thread on another forum. Tons of info.

Honey thread - from TBB and bits from old LHC - The Long Hair Community Discussion Boards
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I have heard from a lot of people that lemon juice is fantastic for highlights. You can just mix some in with your conditioner so it doesn't dry out your hair, or just mix a little water with it and spray it in.
I wonder if anyone's tried honey + lemon... must work great??
Thank everyone. Honey sounds really interesting. I don't have any right now, but I do have some fresh lemons. So I might try mixing some with my conditioner. I think I used it when I was younger, but I can't remember how it worked.
I heard cinnamon and conditioner helps. There's like a huge thread about honey lightening in some forum somewhere. You can google it or I can find it for you if you like. I really recommend you looking at it. They pretty much experimented about it, posted their results, and tried to find the dilution ratio that works the fastest. And they have a list of pure raw honey. And what you can add, like olive oil cinnamon to make it work better.

I've also done lemon sprayed in my hair out in the sun and sometimes hydrogen peroxide just for a while.. Though I don't recommend it cuz it can be drying but it worked pretty well. I have highlights from the lemon as a spray and the peroxide lightened my hair over all cuz I used it in a rinse. Just make sure you dilute it and condition your hair.
Chamomile tea is supposed to help too..
So I suggest that you can dilute the lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide with chamomile tea.
can lemon juice lighten without sunlight or does it need sunlight to work?
btw, depressedcurls, your hair looks really pretty and it looks like u got some awesome results
I've only used lemon juice when I was out so I'm not sure whether it works without sunlight. But I do recommend using it outside in than sun because it supposedly made it more effective. Plus it could be drying so condition. I rather have dry hair from lemon juice lightened in the sun than dry hair from lemon juice not lightening without the sun... And again, condition.
oh ok i was just wondering cuz im thinking about adding some lemon juice to the cold water that i rinse with, for shine. but i thought it might maybe lighten my hair simultaneously? lol i'll let u guys know then, i guess, if i notice a difference

I've never tried any of these methods, but I'm planning to as soon as I can get the resources.
You could use"Sun-in" it works very well all you have do is go on the sun its AMAZING. It lighting your hair very quick depending on how long in the sunProducts to lighten hair without dye?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371958933.820958.jpg
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Lemon Juice. Take lemon juice, and put it in a spray bottle and dilute it with some water.

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