Bleaching question help!!

ok, so i bc'd september of 11 to get rid of the relaxed hair and also because of dyeing and heat know the deal.
And now, its over a year later since the exact date and my hair is in pretty good shape.
I dont shampoo anymore and co-wash every day, so i was wondering, with thoes conditions and a weekly oil treatment, i.e. taking enough care, will bleaching ruin my hair?
I want to, i like the look, but if it will ruin the curl, lor dry my hair or something severly damaging that might go against the point of chopping my hair off in the first place, i wont do it.
And though it may seem obvious, like DUH, im still concedering it if it doesnt damage to much, you know?
Look around you at all the women out there who have hair approximately the same texture, who have bleached.

Would you say half of them have good condition?
Maybe one quarter?

Then expect that if you take super good care of your hair, you will achieve slightly better results.

Some hair can take it and some can't.

If the colour is really worth the risk, be prepared to have hell to pay, or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones, and will love it with not much problem.

Remember the costs involved. If you look upon it as a business venture, how much it will cost in a year to maintain and care for, vs the value of having a different colour hair. The cost/benefit analysis is a great tool!

Good luck!

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