Dying hennad hair

I have natural 3c hair, and i have hennad like 3 times (last time was june, i used body art quality henna, lemon juice). The last time i have dyed my hair was 2009 so i have virgin hair i guess.

So anywho i am wanting to dye it black using a permant hair dye (loreal feria) is it safe to dye hair thats been hennad? And yes i know i could use indigo but i dont want to (too messy) and i also know that hair dyes hav like ammonia and peroxide in them, i just want to make sure my hairs not gonna melt haha.
You should be okay. You can always do a strand test to make sure. That's where I am. Henna made my hair too dark but I don't see any way of lightening it other than using bleach. You're not supposed to use bleach on hennaed hair at all. I think as long as you're going darker and you used BAQ henna you're ok. But don't quote me on it! The girls at longhaircommunity's site seem to know a lot aobut this stuff. I might ask there to be sure.
Hey thanks(;
Yeah it went well my hair didnt fall out or nothing but man after getting use to the herbal smell of henna that hair dye stunk!

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