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LuisaH 10-21-2012 06:08 PM

What shade of haircolor would you call this?
On the lady in blue: Patricia Rae In 'Maria Full Of Grace' (Spanish) - YouTube My hair is really dark brown and I would like this color. I've used henna on my hair so is there anyway to lighten it without using bleach? Would lemon juice and peroxide (or Sun in) lift it that much? I might ask a hairdresser if I can figure out what shade this is to tell her but I'm afraid they won't touch it because of the henna. What hair color would you call it and how could I get it from a very dark brown color? Thank you!

nezumikiriq 12-14-2012 02:57 PM

Peroxide technically is bleach, but on its own it can lighten, and since her hair isn't a super light color, it'd probably be safer to do that so that you don't go too light. It'll still be drying but not as much.

There are tutorials on youtube, but if you just spray peroxide on your hair and leave it in overnight, and maybe redo it another time or two if you have to, I've seen people get results. also mixing honey with your conditioner, because it's a lightening agent. and the henna you already have should help with the red hue :)

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