2 step henna + indigo--anyone done this?

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Hi Hairy Situation, I've done 2-step henna+amla and indigo 2 times, but not for about a year. The bottom parts of my hair got done twice and stayed black (what I wanted). The upper part got done once and faded to brownish red (only noticeable on my greys so it's fine). I think the porosity also made a difference (ends more porous, took the colour).

I did terrible things to make the colour take but I think they worked: low poo beforehand (I'm normally CG), NO conditioner for 48-72 hours after treatment, 2 teaspoons of salt in the indigo. Avoided oils for a long time afterwards in case they leached colour. My hair felt so stripped as if I scrubbed it with sulfates; indigo is a very alkaline experience to me. I know other people don't do this, they DT after or whatever, but I really wanted to minimise the need to go over my hair with indigo again, and these were the recommendations I found.

I'm glad it's working well for you! I'm going to do it soon, just need to decide whether to go hardcore about avoiding dye loss like I did last time.
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Acid rinse (Dr Bronner's Shikakai) stripped my over-a-year-old indigo, and gave me split ends I haven't had since I gave up brushing
Hair analysis done - surprisingly, I'm normal on all 3 counts
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Well, I haven't yet tried but will try it surely. Actually I use to color my hair according to what my hair colorist advices me. So I never color according to my choice.
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