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TLnCurls13 12-26-2012 07:20 PM

Dye and Moisture
I am new to this so bare with me as I explain. I, for the past 3 months, have dyed my hair. I wanted a lighter color so by the 3rd try i finally have a color I like. After i dye my hair i wash it with Mixed Chicks sulfate-free shampoo. That is the only time i use shampoo. I am doing the CG method. I always make sure i deep condition a few days before i dye my hair. Now since i have a color i like i do not plan on dying my hair as often as i did. so my question is after all that dying, is it possible that i have modified my curl pattern in any way? also should i take extra steps to keep my hair moisturized after all that chemical use?

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