Coloring my curly hair

I want to color my medium brown hair to a strawberry blonde or just put highlights in it. My hair is 3A. What would you suggest? What would be less damaging to my curls?
If you are going lighter you will have to lift your natural color up a few levels - to keep the damage to a minimum do not use more than a 20 volume developer. A 20 volume will give you two levels of lift on virgin hair
I used a prelightener, I have dark dark brown hair. It made my hair this colour, and I can't see or feel any damage:

So you could probably use it on your hair and get the colour you want..

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I think highlights will be less damaging, because they need less touch ups, and you're not bleaching your whole hair, just parts of it.

But, you have to consider if the colour is worth all the damage to your hair. Your hair will be likely to be more porous and dry and you can also suffer from breakage.
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