I bleached my hair and all my curls are gone!

Alright, so it was a while ago I bleached my hair. I had 3C hair. A little over a year ago I bleached my hair and had to do it 2-3 times. It RUINED my curls. They are so limp and barely curly on the top anymore. I chopped off my beautiful hair up to my chin and have been growing it out since (there was also a lot of breakage). I deep condition my hair regularly and get hot oil treatments. My hair now reaches the top of my shoulders but my hair isn't quite as curly as it once was. I still high light it occasionally but make sure to keep it as least damaging as possible. I guess I'm worried that my curls are never going to come back, its really upsetting me with this possibility since it's been so long since I had my hair so badly damaged. Will my curls come back? And is there anything else I can be doing to fix it??
I did the same thing. I did an ombre to my hair, with some pink in it. It was still normal-curly when it was done. But, it's been about 6 weeks and it's practically straight. I've been having issues with it for about a year, but it's definately lost a lot of curl when I colored it.

I'm new to this site, don't have the Curly Girl Handbook, but I'm looking for advice on where to start. I'm thinking I should get a deep conditioner to start treating the straw-like ends, and probably could use a haircut as well.

I have been using Ouidad Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner for a few months - almost through the bottle. I tried Bumble and Bumble Defining Creme, then went back to an old favorite - Aveda Be Curly. Neither worked, so I bought Ouidad's Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel.

I'm at a loss, and the "products" signatures you all have is all Greek to me. I'm a bit overwhelmed, want to get my back to it's bounce, and I was thinking I can start with fixing my bleached-and-dry problem first.

Suggestions please?

From this website, I think I've concluded I'm a 2B, low density, low porosity, fine and long hair type.
I have 3C curls and just bleached my hair and before I used a ton of coconut oil so the bleach could strip all that oil off and not much of the natural oils on my hair and also deep conditioned before and after. My hair still curls exactly the same and I believe it's from all the coconut oil since coconut oil causes your hair to hold on to protein and bleaching can break the protein bonds aka loosening your curl. I suggest not highlighting your hair and alternating between protein treatments and deep conditioning. Hope that helps

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