Can Henna Make Your Strands Appear Coarse?

My hair is looking and behaving like coarse hair (not liking protein) but I swear the strands were fine before.

I did also lighten my hair a few shades once before the henna application, but didn't notice my strands being thickened or any other signs of damage after the dye job.

Is there any way to reverse this effect?

I'm thinking it's protein overload from henna + the protein products my hair used to love.

ETA: I guess it's common for henna to make strands look thicker. The other part is probably protein overload.

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This is weird. I thought I replied to this yesterday.

Anyway, yes, it can make your hair shafts thicker.. especially if your hair cuticle has been previously opened (lightening opens the hair cuticle).

Henna can make hair brittle, just like over proteinizing does. Be very aware of not using protein products and go for moisture. All the way..

Good luck!
I've heard of this happening, but it hasn't been my experience.

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It really all depends on the structure of your hair and the state of the cuticle.
If you have a tight cuticle layer (low porosity) you will not get that thickening effect. If your hair is porous, you will.
Yes, Henna had its benefits but my hair seemed very dry and coarse.

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Henna did the same with my hair strands. Before using it I detoxed my hair and stopped using products with chemical ingredients for couple of months. My hair had improved a lot and I noticed that the upper half of my hair strands are not coarse and bumpy as the other halves. After I used the henna I noticed that the whole length of the strands returned bumpy and coarse. I know henna does coat the hair shaft. I wonder if it is the same as product build up as this feeling annoys me after spending couple of months detoxing my hair. Do you think I had this effect because of the henna type I used or do all hennas have the same effect?

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