I dyed my hair :O

Don't panic! I just dyed two little curls at the back =] just because A) I want to monitor hair growth and a demarcation line makes it easier and B) I am not prepared to damage my hair or deal with the upkeep of a whole head dye, and I don't really like highlights soo... two little curls it was!

I used this pre-lightener, which I got free off Freecycle (thanks to the lovely lady who offered it!)

After washing it out:

And dry! It still curls normally, and doesn't feel dry/straw like. It just feels like my hair, just a different colour.

I looooooooooooooove it. I kind of wish I could do my whole hair or more of it, but I know I'll regret it so I shall let the temptation pass!

BSL stretched (longest it's ever been and growing rapidly!), past shoulder curly. Hair goal is hip length.

3a-b/f-m/ii. Soft and silky texture and prone to tangles. Can't get second day hair, even if I kissed the feet of fairy's

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Pictures (clicky)

Love it I have that color in parts my dark brown. Your hair took the color well!

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