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stacylee90 02-24-2013 01:48 AM

Need advice!
Hi everyone ok well first off for my new years resolution I decided to not straighten my hair anymore because I wanted to bring back my curls & alot of people had told me to just let it grow out & don't use my straightner, so I haven't & my curls are starting to form & come back,well my question is..I used to dye parts of my hair red (mainly the bottom half of my hair) & I wanted to know if i dyed my hair again the way I used to have it would it mess up my hair (like the process of my curls coming back) because I really don't want to mess up.
please give me you're advice or experiences i really want to know lol because i wanted to do something different to my hair..oh & i have 3A hair :)

etos 03-04-2013 06:22 PM

Yes, dying is demaging to your hair. If you're hair is already heat damaged (because of the straightner) the dye gives you extra damage. Only you can decide if that's worth it and what the condition of your hair is. Some curlies can have more dye/heat/sulfates and all other things that damage hair then others. If you have fine and/or porous hair, your hair will be probably very prone to damage.

Do you follow the CG method already? That can make a huge diffrence for the health of your hair.

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