Dying and re-dying faded parts of hair ???

I have about 6in of new growth because i dyed my whole head cherrywood last summer and ive let it grow out since. My natural hair color is dark dark brown. This summer i want to touch up my 6 inches of new growth with the same cherrywood dye but ive realized that the parts of my hair that were dyed last summer are slightly faded and im worried once i dye my 6in of new growth it wont match the faded hair from last summer,
should i dye my 6in of new growth for 30min then apply the dye also to my faded areas for 10 min? or should i just dye the new growth and hope for the best?

The box will tell you to tint the regrowth for the full time and to pull the colour through to the end for the last 10 minutes. Well this will indeed balance the shade, but it will also damage your ends further.

Every time you touch your hair with colour that lightens your natural base tone, you will get damage.. add that up, time and time again, and you will have a horror story.

I highly recommend you balance the ends with a totally non damaging pigment. The shades available may not match exactly, but you should be able to find something quite close. The condition of your hair will be left amazing and soft, with no damage at all. Do be aware this stuff stains like crazy so make sure to wear gloves. You can use Soft Colour as often as you like, so in between tinting your regrowth, you can have totally fresh hair.

Goldwell Soft Color Foam Colorant reviews - Makeupalley

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