Home dyes for brassy hair

Hi all,

I have been colouring my hair since I was about 13 and am now 20 so I have had a lot of bad experiences with home hair dyes and lots of expensive salon fix ups. Now that Iím a bit older and know my own hair a little better I am finally ready to start home colouring again to avoid my recent $350 salon visits (I live in regional Western Australia).

I have medium porosity, very dense fine hair and my colour at the moment is around a level 5 (Light-Light medium brown) with some serious orange undertones. I am aiming to stay at the same level but need to find something to cancel out the brassiness in my hair. I am willing to go a shade darker if it will cool my hair enough.

I heard great things about the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour so I went down and bought a packet in 6A the other day and gave it a try. It kept me at the same level and gave me some great ashy tones which i loved, however only a week later and my hair is back to being brassy.

My shampoo and conditioner have no sulfates or harsh ingredients so I donít think my products are stripping the colour, i think itís just the sun bringing those orange tones straight back out.

Does anyone have any suggestions on different home colours to try or anything I can do to preserve my colour? If you have any shampoo/conditioner recommendations to preserve the colour they need to be silicone & sulfate free.

I have been transitioning for 2 years during which time I done two BCs and I've have been coloring. I color my own hair and I use revlon 60 dark ash blonde and revlon 05 ultra light ash blonde. I mix them half and half, and i get the same gorgeous color each time. I use mane n tail shampoo and conditioner for strength and softness, and I use african pride leave-in conditioner for moisture and styling. I also use olive oil eco-styler for hold and i love this one because it doesn't flake or turn white. Also I use EVOO and jojoba oil. Using these products, and just by keeping my hair moist, I prevent brassiness, dryness and breakage.
Again I will recommend Goldwell's Soft Color.. should be sold in Australia..

Goldwell Soft Color Foam Colorant reviews - Makeupalley

The ash tones are excellent and you can use as often as you wish to touch up without fear of damage.. will make your hair feel amazing.
I stopped losing colour when I stopped using any shampoo and went over to conditioner-only washing with cool/ tepid water. I also don't use a rinse out conditioner just a leave in so I subject my hair to less water. Even sulphate free shampoos open the cuticle which allows colour molecules to escape.

Why not start doing strand tests a week before using any new product on your whole head? That way you only lose a small section at worst.

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