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I have previously highlighted hair that I've decided no longer to highlight. My hair is very fine and damages so easily, I just don't want to risk it anymore. I tried dying my hair darker, but unfortunately it faded and is once again light on the bottom and dark on the top. Thankfully, it's not a huge difference, but it is enough that I really feel like I need to do something about it. What can I do without highlighting my hair again??

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For more complex changes in colour, I would always recommend to go to a stylist that is specialized in colour (in The Netherlands you can go to tony&guy for such a specialist, but I'm not shure what it is like in your country). It will cost more, defenitely, but most 'usual' hairdressers are, in my experience, not capable of colouring hair that is already coloured.

I think there are different options for you:
1. growing the dyed hair out. Yes, it might look silly, but you keep the new hair healthy and you will not furhter damage the already bleached hair
2. go on with highlighting, but everytime have less of them, untill you don't have them anymore (speak with your stylist to make a plan about this)
3. add lowlights to your highlighted hair

but again, I'm not a stylist. But there is one thing I can defenitely not reccomend: trying to colour the bleached highlights in your own colour. It's so difficult to do that, it's almost 99% shure it will fail. And bleached hair can turn green when it's coloured darker again.
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Goldwell's Soft Color is amazing for tinting back with no damage.

It is a temporary mousse-in colour that does NO damage AT ALL... conditions beautifully and can be reapplied as often as you wish.

If your highlights are particularly light, I and you are darkening more than two levels, I would really make sure to use a warmer tone as using an ash tone when 'tinting back' from lighter to a fair bit darker can garner greenish tones if you aren't careful. When going from platinum back to dark brown, believe it or not, you have to fill the hair with red before using the brown tone-- otherwise you end up green!

Goldwell Soft Color Foam Colorant reviews - Makeupalley

Would love to hear your reviews if you end up using it!
Grr. My hair is the same way. Every time I dye it darker, it fades lighter, but still grows in darker.
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Bleach damaged hair is highly porous, it often won't hold colour well. Permanent and demi permanent box dyes contain peroxide so if you use those you are compounding the damage. Best thing is to use a highly pigmented semi permanent and leave for several hours, these should have a conditioner base so are not damaging at all.

I semi permanent dye (La Riche Directions) my hair red-pink over three hours and the colour lasts months with conditioner only washing, cool water and 'sealing' in with coconut oil treatments. Actually far better than when I used a permanent box dye (Live XXL) which damaged my hair horribly with the six to eight week 'refresh' of the lengths.

Do be sure to do strand tests so you know if your lengths need less treatment time than the hair closer to the roots - porous hair can absorb semi permanent dye at an alarming rate.

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