I'm Highlighting My Hair...

...and I'm coming here for help!

I don't really post here, but have perusing the board lately, as I'm highlighting my hair this Saturday (going with red-violet), and I'm looking for aftercare tips.

I'd be lying if I said that reading posts in this section hasn't somewhat frightened me about dyeing my hair. The last time I dyed it was about 10 years ago, and I'm just ready for a change. I'm bored, and I don't wear it down ALL the time, but I think with highlights, I'd be more likely to do so. I used to dye it pinks and blues and everything as a teen, until my stylist told me basically it was time to be an adult (at 18 and about to start college) and to put those colors aside. Part of me feels like I'm rebelling against her lol, but I kind of want to just highlight once, now that I have a better relationship with my hair. I'm not looking to make this an all the time thing.

Now that I'm done spewing out that backstory, I have a couple of questions, if anyone wouldn't mind answering.

*Is there a special technique that my stylist should be using on my curly hair? I never had foils done--it was always pulling my tangled, dry curls through the highlighting cap (oh, the pain!!!!! I'm surprised I even had hair left to dye after that.).

*Is there a different CG friendly dye that she should use, or will my 2 and a half years of CG go down the tubes?

*What CG friendly products do you recommend for post dyeing care?

I thank you all in advance, and apologize if this has been posted a million times before.


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I would recommend a DT, but only after 48 hours after your hair is dyed. It's also good to do a DT three or two days before you let your stylist do the touch ups the next time you go to the salon (and don't wash your the hair the day before the bleaching proces).

You can also reduce the damage with:
1. touch ups not that often (i let my stylist highlight my hair every 3/4 months)
2. ask you stylist NEVER put bleach on already highlighted hair (so only aply the bleach to the dark roots)
3. ask your stylist for the most gently bleach she has (and than it's probably not going to be very, very light. Depends on your natural colour how much lighter that will make your hair)
4. bring your own CG products with you to the salon, so she won't dry your hair out with using sulfates (&cones) after the colour aplication (i personaly bring except for my (leave-in) conditioner and gel) CJ daily fix with me and tell the stylist it's my 'shampoo', haha).
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Thanks so much for your response, and sorry I didn't come on here sooner!

I had it dyed yesterday. I've been going to my stylist for a year now, and she knows that I do the CG method, so she never uses sulfates or silicones when washing my hair.

I told her I would probably not touch up or continue highlighting because I don't want to damage my hair. She said the dye wouldn't damage it. We did not use bleach, as she wanted to try seeing if the color would take without bleach, and it did! I could not be happier with the results. I may touch up, I may not. I am going to see if my texture changes dramatically and decide from there.

Thanks again for your input!!!
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