Accidental blue hair?

Hello ladies (and men),

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, expecting to see my usual brown locks when I noticed a decent chunk of my hair was a deep blue... I've been using Mountain Rose Herbs henna/indigo coloring for the last several months to get my hair a darker brown and I've loved it. It gives me a good color and looks natural. The last time I put it on was the end of Feb. and was thinking of doing it again this weekend since a few parts are lightening up with the sunlight. Now I'm a little scared to! Has anyone ever heard of hair turning blue this long after using indigo? I don't mind the blue, it's mostly natural looking (like it's not a wild blue, it looks like it could be natural if blue were an actual hair color lol), but it's just over one section. Do you think that if I leave my hair alone it'll all turn blue, or if I color it with the henna/indigo it'll get rid of the blue or maybe even turn it all blue?? Like I said, I don't particularly mind the blue, and I joked with my boss once if it was ok if I accidentally colored my hair blue...I just didn't think it'd really happen! The only thing I can think of that I've done different is I switched back to a different shampoo bar - all natural, beer based, my hair loves it and I've never had this happen before when I've used it. More than anything I just want my hair to be mostly uniform. Right now there's bits of light brown/blondish, medium brown, dark brown, and blue...


Edit: errr well I did draw up an epsom salt bath for my mom last night and I might've put my hand on my hair while it was still wet...I'm finding some things online that say epsom salt will make color come out quicker. Maybe this is what happened?

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This might be a really strange question but... are your pillow cases blue? My grandmother had blue pillowcases and a couple of weeks ago she woke up with blue strands of hair as well... so maybe first check if it isn't something else like that?
I do actually, but this isn't where I would (comfortably) have my head while I was sleeping. They're a very different shade from this blue too. I've had them for a few years without any problems. And it's not a few's a giant 3 inches wide, 6 inches down.

I cannot imagine how this happened. Do you know a colorist who might help? Most salon colorists are not up on henna, though, so maybe call the manufacturer? Or even Henna for Hair? They're very helpful.


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if it is not because of the henna but because of something else, it will disappear in a couple of washes... it took my grandmother 2 wash n gos before it was gone (but then again, she only has her hair washed once every two weeks)

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