Want this color... But bleaching scares me!

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So before school starts, i want a new look for my curls. And this time ive decided on adding some color to it this time. While on pinterest, i found this AMAZING hair color!! Its a plum/red color and it was an ombre effect, and i love it. Only problem is that i dont want to bleach it!!!!!! I already have thin hair, its healthy though, and i dont want it to cause even the slightest damage to my hair. What i want to know is will this color show up in my hair without bleach? its only the beginning of summer, and my hair is already a LOT lighter (from dark brown to chestnut) Could anyone help!!?

This is what the color will look like

Want this color... But bleaching scares me!-6637ac1ae60c4d23781535866fa946ce.jpg
Are you aware the sun lightening your hair is damaging it in much the same way as persulphate bleach would? It destroys the ceramides gluing the cuticle together and is blowing holes in the cortex by destroying the melanin pigment.

The colour may take to any areas that are damaged or porous, including sun bleached, if you choose a high pigment colour and leave it on long enough long enough. Run strand tests with plug hole hair.

If the colour will not take you could use a weak blonde box dye, these contain peroxide so are a little damaging but coconut oil soaks help protect against that. You do not have to use persulphate bleach. Again always run strand tests.
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dying your hair will defenitely cause damage. There is no way I know of you can make such drastic chances totally whitout damage. So, there will be damage, but the question is, if the damage is worth the colour. That can be different for everyone, so decide for yourself.

Also consider that the colour you want, is not a very 'natural' colour. That implicates it won't hold as good as 'natural' colours do on your hair (colours like black and brown). You probably need to dye your hair often, and than I don't only mean the grown out part.

So, please think about it a little longer before you do it. Because when you don't like it (anymore) or in the case your hair would really damaged because of the dye, you have to grow it all out (and that can take years). Good luck!
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Great answers, ladies...

Yes indeed, any changes you make to your hair will damage it.

There are a few conditioning chemicals you can use that won't but even most shampoos will damage your hair a little bit every time you use them.

You want no damage?

Don't use shampoo.
Use a non-silicone conditioner instead
Avoid styling products
Don't use blow dryers or irons or any heat
Cover your hair in the sun
Be extremely gentle when combing.. comb only when wet with conditioner
Tie up your hair if it gets windy
Never use any kind of lightening chemical

You may find that using henna is non-damaging, though there is the possibility that it may make your hair more brittle (it can act like over-proteinizing)

You may find that using temporary colours do not damage. I highly recommend Goldwell's Soft Colour as I know how wonderful it is. But there are probably lots of good types on the market.. remember the longer they say the colour will last, the more the damage is likely to be. Temporary colours are highly pigmented and should wash out completely from virgin hair, so long as you don't have unusually porous hair. These colours never change your own natural pigment and only deposit pigment into the very top layer of cuticle.. without opening it. For darker haired people, the results are never very noticeable.. mostly just a highlight in the sun.

Be happy with your healthy hair and rock what you got by making the cut and condition work for you..
You may not need bleaching to achieve the color you want I know some people including myself that have bleached their hair and it didn't get really ruined after. It was a little dry but deep conditioning really helps. This isn't necessarily how your hair will turn out though but everyone up there is right your hair will most likely en with some damage no one can say for sure how ,inch so if you really want this color I say go for it and consider some deep conditioners and such
This can really damage your hair but you need to take care of hairs. If you are scare of bleaching then use some hair extension.

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