Hair turned grey after semi-permanent hair dye faded!!! HELP!!!

My hair is naturally black (asian hair). Then I bleached the tips and it was a light blonde. I used semi-permanent hair dye (dark purple). It is three or four weeks later and it has faded to a very obvious grey. Can I get it back to blonde anyway? I would like it to go back to blonde if I can. OR just any advice would be nice. Please and thank you!!!!
Just tone it and it should go back to normal. You typically use a purple based toner to get rid of brassy tones, so using a yellow based toner should get rid of violet tones.
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Your hair looks pretty dry :S , based on that photo hun I would highly recommend not trying to change the colour on your own. Go and see your hairdresser, other wise you risk doing serious damage with chemicals that you can't undo.
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