Henna for Red Hair

Hello, my curlie sistas! I've got a question. I've been reading around about henna and I'm interested in brightening up my hair. I already have dark auburn red hair, what would henna do? Also how would I use it? Would it be similar to doung a PT?

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I can't answer most of your questions (sorry). But I don't believe Henna has any hydrolyzed protein in it, thus it wouldn't be a PT.
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Henna doesn't contain protein, but does bind with your hair, thereby strengthening it. If your hair is naturally dark auburn, the henna might brighten it somewhat, because henna is more or less a bright coppery orangey red color. It would probably be somewhat subtle. It does darken with repeated applications, though, so if you do continuous whole-head applications you could end up with more of a dark cherry color.

BUT...henna is permanent. Sometimes people can fade it, but it should be considered set-in-stone permanent, and has to be grown out. I have three year old henna on my ends, and it's about the same color as it was when I first did it. So if you have any doubts at all, strand test first.

You can read more at Mehandi.com Henna for Hair and Body -Better quality. Better customer service. Lower prices. More products.. The LHC henna forum is also very good for information (lots of hennaheads there), but if you want to ask questions you'll have to join: Recipes, Henna, and Herbal Haircare

Urg, sorry, I don't know how to edit that Mehandi link down so it doesn't look like spam. When you get to the page, look for the link to "Henna for Hair" and that's what you want. I always bought my henna from Henna Sooq--great quality. She's also a member at LHC, although I haven't seen her around lately.
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