Blonde highlights-- Robert Craig?

Hey all, I have been getting my hair highlighted at a salon for a couple of years now but am tired of paying too much and need to stop damaging my hair. I have lost a ton of my hair (I think from a stressful job-- I have a new job now ) and having bleach-damaged hair doesn't help anything. I have recently resumed the CG method after falling off the wagon a few years ago and my hair is already notably healthier but I am dying for blonde highlights again...

I have done some research on the site and it seems like Robert Craig hair colors have been recommended as gentle and safe to use. Has anyone used the Ultra Blonde Highlight Kit with success? Is it really gentle like it claims? Do you use the cap and hook that it comes with or should you get a better set from Sally's? Where do you buy the kit? If you have previously highlighted hair do you color the entire length of the strands to blend your existing color with the new RC color? Or do you do "loops" through the cap to color only the roots to prevent re-coloring hair? What treatment do you do before/after coloring to protect hair (coconut oil?)

Thanks for the help. I am nervous about doing highlights at home but am more worried about the health of my hair.
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IMO get a formal diagnosis on your shedding problem before you consider attacking your scalp with any more permanent colour treatments. If you are diagnosed only with stress this can often successfully be controlled with targeted nutrition, physical activity and stress management techniques. However stress can cause or contribute to other underlying/ hidden health problems.

It is not possible to highlight hair colour gently, bleaching destroys the colour pigment melanin which blows holes in the cortex. anything alkaline also eats away at the structural fats on the surface of hair and within it.

Going over old bleach or dye often causes the most damage, and it's almost impossible to avoid this with highlights. Least damaging is probably a roots only colour application using an acid product, however this is still a risk on an already stressed scalp.

Curly Girl method can certainly make hair more hydrated and manageable, as well as reducing the impact of further damage from 'weathering'. But unfortunately it cannot make dead hair healthier, nothing can all old damage is still there and has to be grown or cut out.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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