Can I dye just a streak of my hair with henna?

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I want to try dying a streak of my hair red, can this be done with henna? Or will it be too messy? Also I'm going for more of an auburn tone, not bright red. My hair is naturally light brown. I think Lush makes a henna like that, as far as I know it's natural and chemical free, but does anyone here use/like Lush henna? And one last question, how permanent is it? Will it fade out eventually? I want to try auburn in a way that requires very little commitment,
I love the color but I'm a chicken, lol
Natural henna only comes in one color, that is the natural red dye it release, if you are looking at a brand that comes in colors chances are it is not natural. As for using it to dye a piece of your hair, i don't see y you wouldn't be able to as long as you tie the rest of your hair out of the way. Just do your research and have fun.
Also henna is permanent, so no it will not wash out.
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Natural henna only comes in one color, that is the natural red dye it release, if you are looking at a brand that comes in colors chances are it is not natural.
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I disagree with this bit slightly as Lush henna dyes and a few other hennas are mixed with other natural herbs like alma and indigo to change the colour of it.

However the colour henna and henna and herb mixes go is completely arbitrary. You need to try it on shred hair to see what shade your hair will go.

If the henna states it will go an exact colour then it's got chemical dyes in it. So read the box or packet to see what it's mixed with.
Unless you have short hair and the patience to let it grow out if you tire of it, I would choose dye, instead.

(I'm a redhead who uses henna to cover gray roots.)


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Henna is not for someone who doesn't want to commit to a hair color. I've been hennaeing for 1 1/2 years, and I've only had to refresh the ends twice for 30 minutes each time. Not because the color was gone, but because it had faded a bit.
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Well I'm not looking to dye my whole head, just a streak, that's what I meant by low-commitment, lol. I really don't want to put peroxide on my hair. I don't mind if henna is permanent, but will it fade out slightly as time goes by? I wanted to do a streak by the nape of my neck and when I decide to grow it out I just don't want it to be like two completely different colors. If it just has some leftover red tint that's fine. My hair is naturally kind of reddish anyway.
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