At home coloring and no brassy tones?

I was thinking to color my mother's hair at home. She always complains that the hairdresser give her a brassy and reddish tone to her hair!

She has a light ashy brunette (7.1) color as a base, and just on top a I would say 60% of grey hair. She also have some highlights.

I would like to color her hair light brunette but maintain her cool brown hair, without having red undertones peaking through!

Do you know a brand of at home color that gives a cool toned brunette color? Or I should buy some professional color and mix it? I'm scared to do something wrong

Thank you!!
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I've used Casting Creme Gloss quite successfully, almost all their brown shades and none gave me a strong reddish undertone. I don't know if in your country the colours are called the same, but the Praline shade was the best on my hair and there was almost no red highlight in my hair.

I don't think a slight red when under the sun is so bad, though! It's what I love that henna does to my dark brown hair when I mix it with indigo. (:

Oh, by the way, Casting Cream Gloss is a demi-permanent dye so if she has that much white hair she might want to go for the permanent dye option of the L'Oreal brand. I really loved those dyes when I used them, lovely colours and soft hair, but remember each hair is different!

Good luck!
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