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Hello! I was wondering if i could get some help! i have short-medium length hir and regularly use a relaxer to straighten it and it becomes relatively wavy-straight. This has been healthy enough for my hair, the only damage occurring being entirely insignificant. I am looking into coloring my hair with dyes. I have pretty dark brown hair and would like to get it to a very light blue, like a frosty blue kind of a color. I've talked to a few people and most agree i would need to bleach my hair beforehand and then dye it in order to achieve the very light color i want. Is this right? if so, what are the safest and best ways to do this? should i do it at home or see a professional? how will the bleach and color affect my hair? are there any alternatives? thank you to all who oblige!!!!!

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Is your hair colored now? If not, herbal essence cream bleach is awesome. I think it has a guy with spikey hair on the box. I used that for years and my hair was in great shape!

Sorry, can't help with the blue. Sounds fun though!!!
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If be amazed if you could achieve that without your hair breaking off or turning gummy TBH, that would be incredibly tough from dark brown even on virgin hair.

You need to bleach to white, but the core structure of your hair is already damaged/ weakened by the relaxer, the evidence is in the fact the curls are looser/ hair is straight. You can only see and feel the cuticle, and you probably only ever see and feel it coated in conditioner and/ or styling products, not naked or under a microscope.

If you are determined run strand tests on shed plug hole hair. Expect to do more than one persulphate bleach treatment resting your hair for a week in between. Expect to go through a potentially ugly orange or patchy stage, can you live with that for a week or two?

Pretreat with hydrolysed protein (wheat or soy IIRC) and coconut oil, these can somewhat reduce damage.

Remember heat accelerates the process so your roots tend to lighten faster than the lengths, application should consider this. Also remember where you start will get a longer process than wear you finish so is at risk of over processing if you are slow.
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I'm my opinion to get the frosty blue you are looking for you will need a pretty powerful bleach in order to lighten it to the level of achieving the shade of you you are seeking. Born Blonde Maxi (sold at Walmart and walgreens) is pretty powerful, it has lifted my hair color from box black to blonde, be very careful though, it's potency could cause chemical burns of you leave it on for over an hour. Just a heads up in that one, learned the hard way. I hope this helps
There's another thread in here about a bleaching horror story

This girl didn't have a relaxer and it still turned out horribly wrong.. I would highly advise against relaxer + bleach + color.. It will = disaster and major hair loss

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