Demi into permanent!? Is that true?!

So, here's my story and I really hope I can find some answers here!

I have strawberry blonde hair, but live in a sunny climate, so wanted to dye my hair a couple shades darker to downplay the highlights. Went to my salon and after she applied a demi with 10 volume, I looked in the mirror to see "hot" roots. She threw a darker demi color on my whole head to blend the roots, which it did, but my hair was dark, like maroon dark.

The next day i went somewhere else to correct it. She applied some kind of color extractor/lightener and put my head in a "soup bowl" (very light amount of bleach, couldn't even smell it) for 3 minutes, then stuck me under the steamer at high heat. Lots of color came out, but a few days later, i was still not happy cuz my roots looked pretty hot again.

I went back to my original girl to have them fix it. She applied demi again in copper and it all blended fine.

Here's the thing…now its been a month and my roots are showing. You can still see a little bit of vibrancy where the hot roots were. Im not in rush to touch up my roots because then i think ill have this vibrant stripe around my head. My hair person said i should touch it up because we dyed it so much that demi on top of demi is permanent. WHAT?!?!? is that true. That sounds crazy.

Any insight would be great.
Not sure how you ended up with hot roots with only 10 vol applied....

The second stylist did a soap cap by the sounds - your hair will be very porous now I imagine, but I've never heard of a Demi being turned into a permanent, especially if it's been lifted back out again. Colour build up would be an issue though I imagine.

Was the ends of your hair previously dyed? Might be why the roots went hot
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