How soon can wash hair before dying

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This is so frustrating. I get my hair dyed when getting a trim every 5 weeks. Since I have very curly hair, I must use conditioner and some ReCoil to keep it from being a fuzz ball. Years ago I was told by a stylist I went to that there should be more oils in the hair for the dye to hold up better. Thus, do not wash it the day before getting it dyed--maybe a couple to three days before dying. The other person I go to now says no problem washing it the day before (just do not use conditioner or any products). Any suggestions. If I wash it the day before, I can look "gross" for only one day, but if have to wash it at least two days before the dye job--I have to walk around with hair out of control. Yet if that will "hold" the dye longer & better, I will. Sorry this is so long & crazy sounding.....
Does your stylist use permanent or semi/demi-permanent? If permanent, I don't think it matters too much when you wash your hair. The developing agents will penetrate regardless - timing may be affected but I believe that's all.

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I agree with a curly q. I have never had problems with the permanent dye penetrating my hair, as long as my hair isn't wet. Washing/conditioning, etc. the day before makes no difference at all.

Permanent dye is quite strong!

Let us know if you have a problem, but I would be very surprised if you do, as long as the dye is permanent.
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My stylist always wanted me to come in with second day hair at least. She said whatever product I used was fine.
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That kind of depends... if you're covering gray you definitely need the oil in the scalp, I've seen it time and again in my own head when out of impatience I co-washed the day before as for me 2-day hair is better. When I didn't wait, especially in the winter when oil production is slower, the color didn't take as well in the new growth even if I left it on longer.

As for no products, maybe just a moisturizing cream or leave-in, which at the same time might give you a light hold will do, the chemicals in hair coloring are more than able to penetrate those. Or try
a bit of jojoba or coconut oil, or even aloe vera gel. And... you can always wear your hair up for a day, for heaven's sake...

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