Exactly what are Pintura Highlights?

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I know this is an old thread...and I'm hoping that StruttsWife is still around. But if anyone can answer I'd appreciate the help.

I too am interested in lifting color without using bleach. And I'd like to do the Pintura highlights.

My hair is "virgin" so my question is do you suggest using just any lighter color to achieve the lift, or do you suggest the Scruples Blazing Highlights system? Is there a more "natural" coloring product that will lift color without bleach that you could recommend?

I am in central/western, NJ so if anyone knows of a salon/stylist that would know what the heck I'm taking about and trying to achieve I'd love a recommendation.

I've had regular highlights in the past and I HATE they way they make my hair feel.
I'm not a fan of the Pintura highlight method, although I have been trained in it. Frankly, I find the "ribbon of light" effect they tout is not as effective as one might hope. My own curls never form themselves the same way every day, so I fail to see how that "ribbon" that is painted in the middle of the curl gives a better detail. I use foils and my clients and I are much happier that way.

I use the Scruples Blazing Highlights/Blazing Lowlights in my salon myself. While they are oil-lightener based they do not use powder bleach and I find them to be much gentler on the hair. Also, you create the color itself--no bleach and tone--which 1) tends to fade less and 2) enables the stylist to use multiple colors more easily.

Color cannot lift color, but if your hair is virgin, you most likely could use color to lift and make a highlight effect. Just bear in mind that many color-based highlights use a high lift blonde that can be as equally as harsh as lightener based highlights if not done correctly.

Hope this helped
- Tiffany
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Thanks for getting back to me. I still have done nothing in terms of color or highlights...guess I'm just too afraid of ruining the texture.
I'm going to the Deva Chan salon in Soho for a cut/ color on my dark brown 3b-3c-4a hair. I'm extremely nervous about getting my hair cut and colored. The last time I colored my hair it was relaxed and it broke of something awful. My hair is all natural now and it seems very healthy. So I want to know if I should treat my hair deep con. Or protein treatment before I have my color done. I want all over color w highlights. I may chicken out and just get highlights. Also if anyone has been please tell me what u had done and what u think.
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