Curlies who have used Henna . . .

Rainbow henna is all natural. They get the different colors by adding in other herbs like indigo for the dark brown and black colors, chammomile for the copper and gold colors, straight cassia for neutral henna, etc. Mountain Rose Herbs sells organic henna by the pound and they do the same thing. I use Mountain Rose henna ( I've used pure "red" henna and their copper henna which hass calendula added) with excellent results. Rainbow isn't the best quality, but it will do in a pinch.
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I've been lurking there for about 3 weeks, since I discovered this thread, and I finally have enough hair (ahem, gray hair) to henna.

I just ordered samples from the Henna for Hair site to make Dianne's mix, and I can't wait!


I just washed it all out, and I'm thrilled at the results! My grays are a nice coppery caramel shade - the same shade I tried to get with expensive highlights that ended up bleached blonde.

I used the one sample and added 1/2 as much indigo. I did not have quite enough to really coat the back and sides, so next time I'll just purchase a bigger amount of the Yemeni henna from I left the amla alone because I wanted something perkier than the same monotone brown. Funny how super short hair almost begs for color.

We'll see how it looks after it oxidizes, but count me as a henna convert. It took seconds to rinse out using Suave Ocean Breeze bought specifically for henna treatments, then I DT with the remainder of my TJ Triple Treat and honey. I have super soft hair and no more grays, except one I missed at my temple.

How often should you do henna? My hair isn't long enough for glosses right now.
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Wow. Really amazing pics. I have just gone brunette again. Want to go back to my auburn hair.
Wow Curly Girl Fla!!! Beautiful Vibrant color…what kind of Henna do you use?
Henna Sooq's Red Raj is pretty incredible. I loved it a lot!! I actually have some henna I'd be willing to swap or sell. I'll have to post it in the appropriate section. I've abandoned my henna red for my current color... but I absolutely adore henna! Cassia is great too. I might do a treatment soon.
I have been really wanting to henna, but I'm afraid it will loosen too much my waves, and I have read that fine, wavy or loose curls like mine are most susceptible. Right now I use demi-perm color.
I'm looking for more curl, body, volume, and shine-a miracle really.
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It was my first experiment
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