Products that are a no-no for color-treated hair

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What products from your experience are not good for color-treated hair? I do ACV rinses and use Nizoral shampoo once a week for my dry scalp. I'm afraid once I color my hair, though, that these things will pull my hair color right out. I want to use a reddish brown or auburn shade (I bought both b/c I couldn't decide which to use!) to enhance the natural red in my hair. Red easily fades as it is, so I'm going to really watch what products I use for washing. I've heard ACV is bad for colored hair so I thought about switching to coffee or raw sugar scrubs, which are also suppsoed to benefit the scalp. Has anyone used Nizoral on colored hair? I would assume it's not color safe - it's pretty drying, but at the same time it doesn't cleanse very well. What other products are a definite no-no for color-treated hair? Do you only use shampoos that are designed for colored hair?
Vinegar in my understanding is not considered fading, and even recommended for preserving. Except inasmuch as your rinse will contain water.

Water with anything was always the real enemy of color for me. Shampoo, conditioner, plain water, they all fade color on me. Shampoo helps it along faster.

One thing that did help (unfortunately never enough to be serviceable on me with drugstore dye, but YMMV) was during the "settling in" period of around 48-72 hours, just put it up and don't get it wet or anything. The color will get a little sturdier if it's left alone during that initial period.

I do not know anything about your shampoo, but in general dandruff shampoos are considered just about the most color-strippingest thing out there.
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 943
Vinegar in my understanding is not considered fading, and even recommended for preserving. Except inasmuch as your rinse will contain water.

You mean vinegar itself isn't fading but when mixed with water it is? I use a tbsp. ACV to a glass of water. I let that soak into my scalp after shampooing, rinse, then condition.
Sorry that was unclear. If you do a vinegar rinse, definitely put water in it!

The point I was trying to make was that wetting it at all is what fades color, for me. Some things speed it up like shampooing, but just getting it wet rinses some color out.

It is certainly unavoidable you will have to wet it down at some point, but avoiding doing so in the first few days after color can help.

If it's wet anyway, go ahead and do the vinegar rinse. But if it's a choice between wetting it down soon after color just to do the vinegar rinse, and letting it hang out dry for a while longer, I would choose the latter.

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