Does coloring "relax" the curl a bit

I thought that I had read a thread on recently where someone mentioned their hair having a slightly "relaxed" type of look for a little while after coloring. (maybe the weight of a deposited color?) I am wondering if this is what most people experience. I haven't colored too often, but don't recall my curls feeling pulled down when I have.
However, I am due for another semi-perm coloring soon and would actually welcome a bit of relaxing on some layers that are too short and curl up too much. I'll do my coloring sooner than later if it will temporarily calm them down a bit! Just thought I'd see what others had experienced.
It seals the cuticle and can make hair smoother so maybe that makes it appear a little bit relaxed. I know some curlies who just get the clear gloss (glaze) treatment at their salon for that very reason.

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Do you happen to know if the clear glaze has silicones in it? I'm sure different brands vary with their ingredients, but I was wondering if the smoothing effect is created from cones?
Do you happen to know if the clear glaze has silicones in it? I'm sure different brands vary with their ingredients, but I was wondering if the smoothing effect is created from cones?
Originally Posted by curly01
I'm not sure about salon treatments, but the one like Natural Instincts "Clear Shine" treatment has something called "simethicone" as the last ingredient in the activating cream part. I thought I remember reading somewhere that this is not a cone...but I could be totally wrong. (Someone please correct me if I am...)

However...the weekly conditioner part has amodimethicone as ingredient #2.

Which brings me to my own suspicion/theory on why the dyes seem to have this "relaxing" effect. I've wondered if it's the 'cones in the little conditioners that come in the boxes more than anything...

I kinda wanna know just how much of a contributing factor it is. 'cones are usually no lower than #3 on the ingredient list for these.

I'm thinking of being a test dummy on my own theory and replacing the supplied conditioner with a different, but really good deep conditioner or something. Anyone have any recommendations? Cautions, perhaps?
Yes, someone on another post was replying to my question about simethicone. She said that it isn't an actual silicone, but more of a foaming agent, I believe.
I am going to color soon (natural instincts) and am not going to use their conditioner. I'll post how it goes.
Although I don't think I'll do a DT right after, just my daily C. Maybe I'll leave it in for a while longer though.
Hair looks a little looser right after, but snaps right back into my usual tight coils. I use deposit only.
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I find that having all-over hair color, whether Natural Instincts done at home or a Redken color done at the salon, definitely calms my hair and makes it less frizzy. All-over color that matches my natural color is way too dark for me, though.
I have colored my hair for a number of years.

I use permanent colors- lighteners and sometimes bleach as my hair is very dark and I am always going lighter.

I have noticed that it does relax the curl especially with a bleach or even a developer that takes it lighter in color, but it is not as dramatic as say a texturizer or a relaxer- unless I have my whole head done.

I have had all my hair bleached platinum before and that was like a relaxer for me.
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I use Naturtint, and actually, it gives my curls a little temporary "tightening" effect. I wish they'd stay that way, I have no droopage problems right after I color. I don't know about other brands, I've been faithful to Naturtint for a few years before I went CG.
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I've not had the problems with curl relaxing for more than a few days. You shouldn't shampoo for 72 hours after you color to help prevent fading. During that time,I notice that my curls aren't their usual tight springy self. However, after a do a DT, low-poo, and condition, they seem to be a lot happier.


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In my experience, anything that beaches the hair to lighten it relaxes my curl. The curl in my highlights is almost straight in comparison to the rest of my head.
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