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girlstuff2020 04-13-2008 07:12 AM

Lush Solid Henna?
Hello beautiful people!

I was looking into henna-ing (new word?) my hair soon. I stumbled across this interesting product at my local Lush Cosmetics shop. It's a solid henna bar, and comes in a few shades:

Does anyone have experience with using this? My hair is transitioning from chemically straightened, and I'm trying to grow it out - so anything damaging is not for me.

The ingredients seem to look ok, though I'm not sure what limonene or linalool are. Some type of citrus-based preservatives? *shrugs*

Any insight into this would be great! :)

Riot Crrl 04-13-2008 01:53 PM


The ingredients seem to look ok, though I'm not sure what limonene or linalool are. Some type of citrus-based preservatives? *shrugs*
Yeah, citrus extracts. Not sure why they are in there, maybe the smell.

I haven't used this, but I have a couple of issues with it on general principle. I don't understand why someone would add cocoa butter and form this into a block. I guess it is supposed to melt somehow, but I saw someone on hennaforhair talking about having to grate it.

I would be suspicious of the dyes in it being weak and/or old.

I also detect what appears to be some weird misinformation on this site.


Henna works by coating each individual hair like a varnish
:o What a strange thing to list as a selling point. I assure you, my hair does not seem varnished. Unless I overdid the gel.


There is less worry about re-growth as henna fades gradually and there is no obvious root line.
I don't know what to even say about this, except there are pics of like 20 people on Long Hair Community who are growing out henna, and from the length of the regrowth it has to have been in their hair for years.

I assume you just want it to be red? I would recommend instead to get some body art quality henna from one of these suppliers. If you're in Canada I think that Henna Sooq is supposed to be good. They have half a kilo of Yemeni for only a couple bucks more than one of those bars.

girlstuff2020 04-13-2008 02:24 PM

Wow, thanks for the info!!!
I actually wanted to revive my brunetteness, and I was just doing a little bit of reading on and I guess by mixing henna, indigo and amla I can do that.

Yeah, I thought I should ask about the Lush stuff. It did seem a little bit weird having it in a brick when I was pretty sure henna was a powder.

I'm gonna go check out Henna Sooq and see what they have! :)

Riot Crrl 04-13-2008 02:36 PM is testing a new plant right now which makes chocolate brown all by itself, and is supposed to be curl/wave enhancing. I think that it is called "buxus." They say that they will have it available in about 3 weeks or so, IIRC. (Well they said a month, but that was already like a week ago.) They do ship internationally but shipping might be high, I'm not sure.

criscat 04-16-2008 12:54 AM


I used the Lush caca (henna) about 3 times. I still have some left. Before applying the thing to my hair, I read carefully all the instructions on their forum and followed the outlined procedure.
Well, to my surprised, it was almost innocuous on my hair. I left the mix for at least 8 hours, and used the brun and rouge combined. Nothing but some very subtle cooper reflexes.
I wouldn't recommend this product, and I am a big fan of Lush. But it does work for a lot of ppl, so, you might give it a try. It comes on a bar with 6 squares, I had to use all of them to cover my hair.

girlstuff2020 04-16-2008 09:21 AM

Thanks for the wicked info, guys. I think I'm gonna steer clear of the Lush stuff and take RiotCrrl's advice and use the real deal.

snowgoose 04-18-2008 03:56 PM

hi, I have used their henna's quite a lot. No, it doesn't radically change the colour of your's not meant to. It gives a reddish hue which after all is what henna is for. It also made my grey hairs (did I really admit a golden colour so I appeared to have highlights too.
You don't have to grate it, but it needs to dissolve before you apply it takes less time if you do.
If you use this you should be aware that although it does fade, if you apply a normal colourant over, within a few weeks the red will show through. (If you read the advice on the side of hairdyes, they say if you have used henna, you need to have the hennaed hair cut off.)
Biggest draw backs- it's really hard to get it all out, and I have never been too sure whether it made the ends of my hair go strawlike, or if that was just my hair in poor condition.)

loxeygirl 04-22-2008 11:50 AM

lush hennas

I've used the Lush Rouge Henna for almost a year now, I'm really very happy with it. Red is the hardest color to maintain and so if you love being a red head (as I do!) you have to color it often, and if you use standard chemicals, you're going to fry your hair, which is why I switched to henna.
The lush stuff really moisturizes my hair and scalp and I love how my hair feels afterwards. How the color comes out depends on the color before you apply the henna. Before I started, I had been a bleached blond for about a year or so, then, I dyed it red with a standard color, then started with the henna (I have naturally dark blond/light reddish brown hair). Lol, so I have 3 levels of color, which sounds odd, but it works, I constantly have people asking me how I do my hair. the intensity of the color depends on how light/dark it is before hand, just like the regular stuff. Also, the intensity depends on how thick your mixture is, so there is a lot of experimenting you need to do. It's not an exact science but even so, you can do it as often as you like till you figure out how best to get the results you want. Oh and the grey coverage is great! I don't have very many but they come out as glistening red/copper highlights, very nice.
I guess part of the reason I like it is because my attitude towards my hair is pretty positive, I’ve always pretty much let it do what it wanted. Didn’t always like what it wanted to do, lol! I also look at the process like a “pamper me” experience, I set aside a night for it, revel in the organic nature of it and love teasin my kids with my muddy dreadlocks, lol! Oh, and I’ve never had a difficult time getting it out of my hair, just run the water through it in the shower, use an organic shampoo (like the wavy-haired use) 2x’s usually gets it all out, then condition and it feels like silk.

Ok, ok....I'll try the mehandi stuff, lol. Let ya know what I think.

Kell 01-05-2009 10:31 PM

The only problem I had with their henna is the mixing part, I dont have a cheese grader (wth?) so it had alot of chunks in it, and alot got wasted when it shouldve been on my hair. I got the caca noir, they say it can turn your hair black (air dry) or red (with a cap on), but I put on a cap and it was darker. Other than that, it definitley breathed some life into my tired hairstyle.

wild~hair 01-05-2009 10:40 PM

If you're going to henna, get the BAQ mehndi kind instead. I've used both and found the Lush henna bars really lacking less color, hard to apply, etc. I also found that it faded, which real henna does not do. And it didn't fade in a good way, if that makes any sense.

It's kind of unusual for me to dislike one of Lush's products, actually. I usually love their stuff.

I cannot speak to the caca noir, marron, brun just the caca rouge, which is no match for BAQ henna.

Lillu 01-06-2009 03:56 AM

I bought the Caca Noir a few few weeks ago and it makes my hair really shiny n smooth :thumbleft: It seems to dye my grey strands a golden colour though, and I was hoping for black lol.

I havent found it hard to mix, just put it in a bowl, pour boiling water onto it and leave it to melt for 10 minutes, easy peasy! I've never had to grate it or even cut it up. Then put the bowl into a pan of boiling water and stir it for a few minutes to heat it up... not sure what this bit does, does it release more colour? Then put it on hair n leave it. It does take a while to rinse out tho, and smells pretty rank! I only use it on half of my head and it only takes one square to cover it, so it is pretty economical for me... not sure if I'll repurchase when I've run out tho, as I also have some AO Colour Me Natural which is a 'natural hair dye'

I think i'll try that when ive run out of Caca.

lody 02-28-2009 01:34 PM

(a bit off topic....) just popping in here to mention that I speak french and goodness, the concept of spreading "caca" on my head is NOT tempting! That's poop!

Ok, I know their product isn't poop, but I really don't get the marketing decision behind that name XD

LisaF1163 03-02-2009 02:00 PM

I used to work for Lush, and although I've never used henna, I'd have to think there are better and easier brands to use out there. It is one of the reasons our customers didn't like it - it's really hard, and you have to grate or chop it all up. You can get the same results from powdered henna kits, really.

WurlyLox 03-02-2009 02:43 PM

Just check out using real, natural, unadulterated henna or henna with natural indigo, buxus, and/or cassia to achieve various shades.

miralaluna 03-02-2009 03:42 PM

I used it a while ago. I found it very difficult to work into my hair and wash out. I gave up :)

There is some very useful info here though

WurlyLox 03-03-2009 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by miralaluna (Post 892724)
I used it a while ago. I found it very difficult to work into my hair and wash out. I gave up :)

There is some very useful info here though

The intial all-over application was hard to work in and rinse out, mainly because I used honey in my mix, I think. However, you usually only do that once or twice a year. Root touch-ups are much easier all the way around, and they're very forgiving as far as overlapping old over new, etc. I just co-wash it out with conditioner, and it only takes at most two conditioner applications to get it all.

Now I've switched to a henna/indigo gloss to blend in my greys, and I don't even have to wait for dye-release with it. It only uses a tablespoon or so each in a conditioner base, so it's very easy to apply with a color applicator bottle and rinses right out. I just apply it all over every other week or so - whenever I start seeing any little glint of silver at the roots. I have fairly dark hair, so this works for me. It wouldn't necessarily for lighter colored hair or for anyone wanting an all-over red shade. The latter would require full dye release.

Anyway, I'd be wary of any henna product that isn't just plain old henna. When you aren't, you're apt to get something that contains metals, compounds, or salts, and that's what can react badly if you go back to regular hair color.

thegreendiva 05-27-2009 10:41 AM

Lush call their hennas 'Cacas' as a joke and the tagline is 'No sh*t dyes'. Basically there is nothing in the cacas that would damage your hair.

I use Cacas every couple of months to revive my black hair and would never use chemical dyes again. I do it more for the condition and lovely smell than the colour. Bear in mind you have to leave it in for at least four hours for it to really work. I do it when I fancy a pampering day and it works well. Washing it out can be a mission, but being prepared helps. Here's how I do mine.


The Green Diva Look Good and Feel Great... The Green Way!

SusieSuze 02-06-2013 01:50 PM

I love the henna results I get with my Indian Grocery Store bought stuff.
This body art quality product comes directly from India, from the Rajasthan region. It has amazing deep red colour, excellent gray coverage and absolutely no fading. The name on the package happens to say "Dulhan" which I've found just a slight bit better than other brands, but really the brand doesn't matter much, I've found. So long as it's BAQ and fresh from Rajasthan.

It comes in 1 kilogram bags (2.2 pounds, 1000 grams) for $7.99.
I mix up the whole thing all at once, with 10 to 12 cups of strong black tea. I let the pigment release for a few hours and then bag into several sandwich sized freezer ziplocks. I freeze them and am good to go for months! One $7.99 purchase is enough to do my long hair 5 or 6 times, with very generous applications.

Lush hennas are Persian.. the only time I've ever been disappointed with Hennas have been when I tried one from Iran (Persia) and when I used an old package.

For $25.95 for probably only one application, I think the cost is ridiculous when you can get much better for less than $2 an application.

josie655 03-10-2013 12:46 AM

My mom used the Caca Noir henna from Lush. She HATED it! It did absolutely nothing. She left it in for a long time, but it only lasted her 1 week. It's too messy and expensive. Her hair went back to its normal shade after just a week.

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