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CrazyHairedEve 06-13-2008 01:55 PM

What happens to bleached curls???
Hi! So I really want to bleach my hair to get that ice blond look. It was a medium brown and I went to a stylist who thought bleaching it would take out a lot of it's natural curl (She said she's never bleached curly hair before). So she just used a dye, but it didn't go any where NEAR as light as I wanted.

So I was wondering if anyone else with naturally curly hair has bleached it and what the result/affect was on the curlyness of their hair afterwards. Thanks so much!

Yom 06-13-2008 02:08 PM

I highlighted my hair 4 years ago. I loved the colour but it did get less curly and really dry! Trying to comb it was a nightmare, even with loads of conditioner. I was thinking about doing highlights again this summer but to me it's not worth it.

ZigaZaga 06-13-2008 04:10 PM

I have dark blonde hair (think mouse!)n that easily lightens in the sun and have had highlights done. (As well as low lights, sunlight natural overall bleaching and starting over whole head coloring to darken areas again, with highlights applied over that.....and round and round!). It is quite damaging. But I stopped getting any permanent color (light or low) done on my hair now. I am getting the ammonia free or semi permanent stuff done (there is still peroxide). The blond highlights (applied on roots only manually following the old hightlights) is not anywhere near as light but I know the sun will do the rest!

The curl does seem to be improving. But with good conditioning even the old badly treated areas are doing pretty okay. I don't want to cut my hair short so I am just going to go with trimming sometimes. I plan on keeping it on the dark side of blond. I once had my hair dyed all dark.....but it really did not feel like me, so I guess I will sacrifice some of my curl. Thankfully my curl is even all over front and back, roots to the ends.

If I could give you any advice, have the pintura method done (not the cap!) once you go back to touch up your roots, have it done manually to follow the old highlights and only on the roots. If you have it pulled down and highlight over highlights (like in the foils system) it can be really damaging.

Just speaking from my own experience. I am no expert!

aislin 06-13-2008 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by CrazyHairedEve (Post 611240)

So I was wondering if anyone else with naturally curly hair has bleached it and what the result/affect was on the curlyness of their hair afterwards. Thanks so much!

I was in the same boat as you about five years ago. I naturally have a dark blonde/light brown color. I wanted a really light ash blonde color, like I had when I was younger. So after several coloring attempts with at home color kits, I gave up and went to a colorist. Basically she did what I asked, but was very hesitant about doing it. She got my hair so blonde, when I look back at pictures I am amazed now. However, I pretty much lost any curl I had. Granted, my curls are pretty loose to begin with. You know what it looks like when a curly tries to straighten their hair, and then walks out the door and it becomes this frizzy, wavy mess? Well, that was my hair ALL the time- and it never stopped breaking off.

I think it's important to note though that I had no idea how to properly take care of my hair. I was still using low quality store shampoo and conditioner, and I had no idea what a deep treatment or hair masque was. I attribute a lot of the damage to that. However, it has seriously scared the crap out of me of ever going lighter, even with just highlights. Just last November I finally cut the rest of the old blonde out- of course I'd dyed it back to my natural color, but that color had faded and that nasty damaged hair from the bleaching was still underneath it all.

I'd say that as long as you went to a good hairstylist you trust and properly care for your hair, things should be manageable. It may be gentler on your hair and easier to transition (not as much of a shock to your hair) if you tried getting highlights put in over a period of time.

Babyk005 06-23-2008 01:27 AM

Don't do it!!! I'd show u my picture to prove why, but Im too's that bad!
It basically took all the curl out of my hair and dried the heck out of it. I regret bleaching my hair everday. The color was pretty, but I'd take dark non highlighted healthy hair anyday over that.

curlywurly271 06-24-2008 05:16 AM

I wouldn't ever get my hair bleached again - it completely sucked all the moisture out of my hair. As a result my hair lost a lot of curl :cry: Also I felt like my hair thinned out a bit.
I'm trying to go blonder naturally now - I'm using a homemade camomile and lemon spray that I'm putting in my hair everyday. I'm hoping that if I sit in the sun for long enough every day I might see some difference in the colour :dontknow:

CurlyCanadian 06-24-2008 07:22 AM

I'm a bleached curly!!!

Now I'm sort a caramelly blond, but I've been all over the spectrum, including almost white blond.

I do straighten most of the time, but I keep up with DTs (coconut oil & honey once a week) and my hair is in great shape. I do find I need the ends trimmed a little more often, but other than that its incredibly soft and I get great definition when I do go curly.

I gave up getting it done a few years ago and started doing my roots myself. I was using the Herbal Essence bleach kit, but about a year ago switched to 100% Colour and am really happy with it. Its not as strong (might not even be bleach?) and gets my colour exact without worrying about timing or going too light.

lauralb 06-24-2008 07:48 AM

I've had blonde highlights for several years (using peroxide). I get them done at a salon by a hairstylist I really trust, and I only do them 2-3 times a year. Overall, I've found that I really like what it does to my hair -- I have fine hair and this gives it some texture and boosts the volume. As long as I am careful to condition well (and I must admit I was using the TIGI "Dumb Blonde" conditioner until recently...before I knew about cones) I think my hair actually looks *better*.

So I guess it partially depends on what kind of hair you have. For a little more info on why those with fine wavy or curly hair might want to color it, click here:

(The crux of the article: "Coloring the hair is recommended because it roughens up the cuticle. The color also adds shine, causing light to bounce off the hair, not the scalp. This makes the hair look fuller.")

laurabeth33 06-24-2008 05:17 PM

When I got highlights with bleach, I lost LOTS of curl and my hair was dry-dry-dry, like many others here.

I will NEVER do that again.

LoloDSM 06-24-2008 05:24 PM

My experience was similar to many of the previous posts. My hair got very dry and the highlighted parts wouldn't curl. Plus, they separated from the un-bleached sections which looked weird. I had all over color done last week to cover them up and my hair is STILL dry where the bleach was. :sad8:

KrazyCurlsMatt 06-26-2008 09:04 PM

Don't do it i got my hair bleached from dark chocolate brown to white blonde. it's a great color but i was a 3A/3B before now im barely a 2A. i will never bleach my hair again when it grows out im gonna stick with henna.

ltrainismyname 12-22-2012 01:09 AM

Bleached / toner'd to platinum white:
Yep. I lost my curls in the tradeoff.
I used to have a good 2A / 3A curl type depending on the humidity of the day. My hair is extremely resilient to bleaching and haircolor treatments so I have to abuse the heck out of it to get it to the level blonde that I have. Its white... and now my curl type is pretty much non-existent. The hair is still strong and full of body but it does take extra maintenance just to keep it from looking like Christopher Lloyd (haha).

The curls come back sometimes with just the right combination of products and treatments. For instance: every time I am near the ocean, the sea spray and salt water seems to really bring my curl out again.

I've tried to recreate this in my home hair care (or hair abuse heh) practice and I've been unsuccessful except with the following practices:

I use Queen Helene cholesterol conditioning treatment about twice a week. This keeps my hair as strong, shiny and healthy as it can be after several bleachings. This stuff is suspiciously cheap and it smells HORRIBLE but it really really works.

Mousse. Any sulfate-free mousse will add a little sproing back. I use a purple-ish platinum enhancing mousse to undo any brassiness coming out in my roots.

Shower before bed. Towel dry.
If I let my hair dry slowly while I'm inactive, the curls tend to come out of hiding. They're shy, though.

Also, I do not shampoo and condition every day. I allow my natural oils to recover into the hair before I suds it up thoroughly (about twice a week, rinsing on the off-days). I use TIGI's Catwalk for color treated curls and it smells absolutely amazing... sometimes I leave a little conditioner in after the Queen Helene rinses out just for the fragrance.

Nandine 01-02-2013 06:46 PM

I bleached my hair a few months ago and my curl pattern is not changed. I bleached it myself. 2 times in 2 days.

lexiinamor 01-16-2013 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by Nandine (Post 2095426)
I bleached my hair a few months ago and my curl pattern is not changed. I bleached it myself. 2 times in 2 days.

OOOooo that is encouraging! I really want to bleach but am so hesitant because of the damage. Especially because my hair is longish (BSL) and the ends were bleached a long time ago so already weak. eek! But that was almost two years ago and I've gotten it pretty healthy in that time. Want blonde and it's not the end of the world for me if curl goes down a tad bit and I have slightly drier hair so I'm seriously considering it. Good to hear it worked so well for you, though! Now to do it at home or salon....? :confused1:

sweetmx85 01-20-2013 11:04 AM

I had my hair colored end of octoberish. I had her color it all over a little bit lighter than my natural color then she put even lighter highlights but I wanted it a little lighter still so I went back a few days later and had her do blondish highlights as well. It looked good and wasnt so bad at first but now its dry dry dry. Its brittle. My curls arent that bad for the darker two colors but the blonde highlights are just frizzy. Sometimes they do have some curl to them but they aren't like the other ones. The products I used before the color doesnt seem to do as well as it did. So idk. I am trying to find out if its just gonna be figuring out more moisturizing products or not. I was told recently
I should do some protein treatments so I got curl junkie repair me. Havent tried it yet. Im hoping I can figure it out because I love this color.

sKorpio1190 01-20-2013 06:19 PM

i bleached my curls beginning of this month and only now are they starting to recover

LeeLee182 01-21-2013 04:36 AM

Recently bleached my jet black hair in chunks and dyed them blue.. My curls were looser, which the front part of my hair is a looser curl anyway but with each wash my curls are springing back up more.
I've just been pre-treating with coconut oil and a nice conditioner overnight when I'm going to wash and deep conditioning. Switching between Curl Junkie Deep Fix and Giovanni Nutrafix Reconstuctor with oils added.

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