Do highlights work in curly hair?

I have been wanting to get highlights, but how do they turn out in curly hair? Would my hair get really damaged? Would they even show up? Would it take longer to highlight my hair? Also.... I have naturally red highlights that barely show up... so red or blonde highlights in medium-brown hair?
I've highlighted my hair many times and I love highlights... or lowlights, I've had both done at the same time. It can damage your hair depending on the condition of your hair, the chemicals used and how it's used etc. But for me, I end up getting bouncy curls afterwards. (Note: I always have mine professionally done, the store kind seems to damage my hair badly). I condition good afterwards too. Have you thought about a lowlight in the copper shade? Or a mix of both a blonde highlight and a copper lowlight?
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I have medium brown hair & I had red & blond hightlights done a few years back. The red barely showed up at all. The blond, however looked awesome! They really made my curls pop! I haven't had them done since though, as I have very dry hair & they damaged my hair something awful ... even though I had them professionally done.
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I get my hair highlighted at an Aveda salon. I LOVE highlights. She sometimes adds lowlights if it starts looking too light. I only get them on the roots mostly though to minimize damage. There will be some damage from any peroxide treatment. If you hair is fine or damaged already it may not be a good idea. Mine is very healthy but I take very good care of it otherwise and I do not have fine hair.
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I think I'll wait until I grow my hair then cut it, and then since my split ends will be gone, I'll get highlights. It will take a while though. Probably until... September? Anyways, I think I am getting red highlights.
Wow that is so weird, I was almost exact by guessing September!!! I'm getting blonde highlights on the 28th, professionally.
Oh and thank you all so much!!!
Im getting highlights for the first time in my hair. Ive actually Google questions, I have thick natural curls and my hair is a dark brown color. All the answers I get off google is that i should get Red or Auburn color highlights. But i wanna get highlights in my side bangs and just tint my ends really. are those good colors?

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