Going from bleached blonde to natural color... Help!

I have been a bleached blonde all my life - but something has been telling me in my gut that its time to go back to my natural color.

Some history - i'm 46 and have had dreams about going back to natural AND at a women's retreat last week two women seperatley at different times without hearing each other said, wow your eyes look bluer with your hair darker - it was darker cause i had it in a pony tail) They both said you'd look better darker!

The problem is: I'm so used to the highlights that it will be shocking and it might be so shocking that I might be tempted to go right back and highlight again. (other blondes get this I think, its definitly a mental issue)

Sooo I thought I could either do one of two things.

1. I could have the hairdresser put heavy lowlights in and then that would jump-start me (hoping they get what my natural color is, cause if they don't I'll freak, ha ha) and then hopefully enough to go on and just get regular haircuts from there...


I go for a new sassy spring do and just cut it out and then get regular trims until its all out.

What would you do????

Any advice would be great. Thanks! P.S. I thought about an allover color but that would be absolutley shocking!

Right now my hair is shoulder length with long layers...

Thank you! Jennifer
I would go with low lights if I were you. It's not as drastic as a full head dye and you'll still have your blonde if you feel the need to hang on to it. I have blue eyes too and I color my hair light brown. It's true that your blue eyes will pop but I'm also fair skinned so I have to be careful I don't go too dark as it'll make me look older than I am.
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I'm also going back to my natural color; although my case is the opposite as my roots are much lighter than my dyed hair!

I would definitely go the lowlights route to grow out your own darker color. I'm going to do some highlights to blend my blond roots with my darker length. I have a really low tolerance for obvious demarcation lines, but I don't want to cut my hair. A good colorist should be able to weave in enough darker tones so that the growout isn't obvious.
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