New York Gathering

Is anyone interested in a New York City gathering? Let me know.
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I'm hoping we do in Aug! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
Why in August? Is someone already planning this?
it's probably cause it's the hottest & most humid month in NY! there'll be more to ***** about!
We just had one about 4 weeks ago. Sorry you missed it, we had a really nice time!
To Su1116. I never saw this posted. Where was it posted and will there be another one?
I would love NYC gathering if I can fit it in my schedule. I work and go to school so time is scarce, but please let me know if it happens.
Of course we don't have to wait until August. Anytime is a good time to have a curl gathering.

Brunch worked very well last time. Let's throw out some dates and see what will work with most people.
How about April 22, a Sunday brunch, at the cupping room on Broome Street in soho? Or did you like the place you had it before? Curlies let me know.
Do you mean April 21st? The 22nd is a Monday. Anyway, that's perfect for me - I can definitely make it that day. Thanks for starting this.
I LOVE the Cupping Room Cafe! April 21 is my mom's b-day and I might be spending the day with my folks. If not, then I'm in.
Since there is at least one definite, let's say we will have a NYC curl gathering on Sunday, April 21 at 12:00 for brunch at the cupping room on broom street in Soho. Please other curlies, let us know if you are coming. Looking forward to meeting you all. I plan to bring the new curly girl book. If you have other books that are interesting, please bring them. Thanks.
OK, I'll see you then. I assume you'll be the one with the curly hair. Do we need a reservation?
I will call the cupping room and yes I will be the one with the curly hair and the curly girl book. I am asking curly friends too so feel free to ask friends.
I'm in. I think we should post this on the non-hair discussion board just to call attention to it.
I can't do that date... otherwise I would be in. I will be in Los Angeles that weekend... [img]images/smiles/icon_sad.gif[/img]
Please pencil me in for April 21, it sounds like alot of fun.
Please pencil me in too. I don't know where the coffe shop is but I will find out.
Carmen Curls-the address is 359 west broadway off broome st in soho. It isn't a coffee shop rather a restaurant. See you then. Susan
Just a reminder that the curl gathering is still on for Sunday. Please tell me if you are coming if you haven't already. I have about 8 people who said theywere coming and I would like to reserve a table Sunday am for us. Please tell me if you can't come so I have the right size table. 12:00 the cupping room cafe 359 West Broadway in Soho by Broome st. See you all then. Susan

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