Define my curls

I am looking for tips on how to care for my hair after washing and conditioning it. I would like to know what styling products I should use to define my curls, type 3C. Gel, mousse, wax, those things. I stopped relaxing my hair a year ago and I have been trying to grow it. My natural hair is nice, I like the curls, but it is still very short, causing the curls to be really tight. So, I you have any tips on growing your hair, don't hesitate to share them with me too and the other curly readers.

Thanks a lot!

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i may be only fifteen but i have a idea. to grow out my curls, i made sure i went and got a trim every few months. Just to keep it out of my way while it was growing, i took my front section and parted it into four. i twisted them back and held them with bobby pins. since my hair is so thick, i just crossed two over like an x. well, hope that was helpful. good luck!!


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