SW Ohio curlies

just thought i would throw out the idea of a get together, i have been around 3 years and noticed we still haven't had one! Anyways...anyone interested?? I am in Dayton but i willing to travel!!!!
I would be interested. I'm in Springfield but would also be willing to drive. Any other local curlies out there?
Been thinking the same thing too. I am in Cincinnati and willing to travel.
Hi to all Ohio curlies!

I'm originally from the Cleveland/Akron area, but now I am in NYC. Just wanted to say hi to the Ohio curly girls.

Good luck on your get together.
Hi, I'm in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I would be interested in a gathering. I don't mind driving to Ohio. Just name the date and place.
I would also be interested! I live in Cincinnati (Eastgate), but will travel if necessary!
I'm in Dayton and would love to participate
I'm in south central, but don't mind driving. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
Wow! I didn't know so many curlies were in my area! I need to check in here more often, lol.

Anyway, I'm in Cincinnati too - Springdale / Tri-County actually. I'd be interested in a get together as well, depending on the date of course.
Someone want to volunteer to organize it? Can I stil come even though I'm wearing my hair straight right now?
I would be happy to organize it. I am going to post another message on the hair board and then get together some ideas. I welcome any suggestions.
This is great! I was so jealous that I couldn't go to the Austin gathering (I'm originally from Texas) I live about an hour and a half from Cincinnati now(in Jeffersonville, Indiana) and will drive anywhere! Can't wait!
I have been sending out emails, but since I am not sure everyone's addy is current I thought I would post the latest here also. I think I have 9 curlies on the list and I have heard from about 4. Looks like March 29 in Dayton for lunch since we have some Indy people. PM or email me for ideas on where to go in Dayton.
Earthmama, check your PMs!
I just posted this to the Hair Board, but I'm from Canton, which is about 4 hours from Cincinnatti.. I have some friends that I can stay with down there if you decide to have the gathering down there. Anybody else from NE Ohio??

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Hello fellow curlies in Ohio...I too look like to attend *If* I can get someone to work for me that Saturday...Worse case, perhaps I can come by later if there are any "activities" scheduled later in the afternnon/evening...
Earthmama, I sent you a PM because I would like more info so I can hopefully attend.
Everyone should have gotten a PM for this Sat.'s gathering.
I'm here in middletown!

i also recommended a GREAT stylist in the salon finder (cincinnati) if someone needs one locally!

could be fun!
Well, darn, I'm going to Nashville on Saturday to visit my grandparents. I'm in Columbus, though.

Y'all have fun! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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