straight hair doscovered to be type 2A!

I recently disovered how to bring out what little curl I have. I was wondering if anyone has tips for me on how to keep my curls and how to make them last. I use scrunching mousse and it helps a lot but it makes them crunchy and stringy and they fall out by the end of the day. Please, please, please let me kow if you have any ideas. I am thrilled by the idea of having curly hair but I want it to look good. You can email me or AIM me. Thanks so much.
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Hi Missy,
I, too, had always thought that I had straight hair. But then discovered my waves when I stopped brushing and started to add moisture to my hair.
I suggest you post on the general discussion about curly hair. You'll get more responses there. [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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