Chicago- Again but Better

Some people are in college right? But everyone will be home in Decemeber right?

How about Brunch on a Sunday at House of Blues? We can have reservations etc. They do sing gospel music on sundays, so if that will offend anyone, understood. Brunch suggestions anywhere else?

What about Lunch or Dinner downtown on a saturday or sunday? Resturant suggestions?

We need some place we can have reservations, that was the mistake with the last gathering. Also an exchange of cell phone numbers with at least one key person.

Suggestions! Suggestions!
Lunch or dinner on a Saturday would be best for me. I'm in church on Sunday mornings and preparing for the week on Sunday afternoons/evenings. Downtown would be great. Especially if I could take the train.
Yay-a gathering! During my winter break I should be back in Chicago. Lunch sounds good, and someplace not far from an el stop would be great. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
I'd love to come. I am up for any place, preferably with good drinks! How about Bistro 110. Consistently good food and killer bellini-martinis
Lets Get 3 places and vote. L'n-z, when will you be home?
I'm up for it. CP, could we car-pool?
We can always carpool! Lake County Rules [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
I forgot to add that a Saturday lunch would be best for my schedule, but I could do a dinner.
This isn't set in stone yet, but I think I'll be home from December 20 to January 5.

So the weekend dates during that time are:
Sat 21, Sun 22
Sat 28, Sun 29
Sat 4
Ok. Who is going out of town for the holiday? What dates are looking good for people. I guess a Saturday lunch will work better for most.

Any more resturant suggestions.
I work on Saturday evening, so I would like to meet early - like noon or even earlier. The Saturday after Christmas would probably work best for me (it gets so nutty before!). As for places, I don't get out much, but Wishbone in the West Loop area is great for breakfast-lunch, or Greektown might be fun. Looking forward to it!
I'm game! I think we should do something downtown, since everyone will be coming from different places. A central location would be nice.

p.s. L'n-z: girl, save up some money so we can go shopping again!!!! [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
Metromix has a list of resturants that have good brunches.,1419,M...-15611,00.html

Everyone take a look and lets try to narrow it down [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
My votes would be Bistro 110 or Napa Valley Grill. I've eaten at and had good experience at both.
I was thinking Bistro 110 also.
I'm not very familiar with the restaurants downtown, so any place that has chicken is fine with me. Also, I'll be in town for the holidays, so any Saturday (afternoon or evening) would work.

CP, CBear may I partake in the best carpool to come out of Lake County?
CP, any restaurant you can eat at, I can eat at! I also don't know any restaurants downtown, so I'll go with the decision you guys make.
Nappybychoice, I'm ok with that. Of course, CP will have to drive. We're down to one car, and that situation doesn't look like it's changing soon.
I looked at the site and a few look good to me:
Napa Valley Grille
John's Place
House of Blues
Cafe 28
Bistro 110
House of Blues is Sunday only. Some of you go to church on Sunday so we decided on Saturday.

I think we have 3 votes now for Bistro 110, and 1 against. I want to go to the Signature Room for Brunch, they have a great brunch, but my vote is for Bistro 110.

Come on with your votes ladies, we also need to narrow down a date.
What train station would you be coming in to, Nappybychoice? If you're coming into Union Station, then should we be looking for a place right in the Loop? How about the Berghoff, or the Walnut Room at Marshall Field's? Bistro 110 is up near Water Tower, and I've heard it's most excellent, but $$$. It'd be nice to get some great food, but that's not my first priority in meeting you-all - I'm most looking forward to the curly bonding experience!

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