I have been CG for three months now, here's what I found...

I found out that I can not use ANY oils in my styling routine. I initially used either sweet almond oil, argon oil, or coconut oil over my leave-in conditioner. But now find that I break out on my forehead and my hair dirties too quickly.

I found that I need to no-poo at least twice weekly, and more recently, even thrice weekly. Otherwise my hair dirties too quickly and/or feels producty.

I found that keeping it simple works even better than using so many products. Initially I used leave-in, an oil, and a styling gel or cream. Now I donít even use leave-in (but do use a good rinse-ou conditioner Ė Herbal Essences coconut moisture), cannot use oils, and just use two products Ė either curl keeper and batia and aleeza botanical gel, or a/c recoil and batia and aleeza botanical gel, or mixed chicks and curl keeper or a/c recoil. If I want to semi-slick my short do I use curl keeper, mixed chicks, or a/c recoil under EcoStyler Crystal gel and thatís that.

Those are my findings.

Iím wondering if the scalp produces more sebum as time passes and you continue on the CG routine, because like I said, I feel as though I am producing a lot more natural oil. As a result, my routine is simpler.

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