how long?

how long does it usually take for an order to come?
I'm in Florida, and I always receive my orders within 2 days. I guess if you're a lot further away from Texas, it might take another day or two.
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Normally, it takes 2-3 days.

Though, unfortunately, Texas was hit by an ice storm this week, and the post office shut down, as did most of Austin. They finally came by yesterday and picked up a few hundred of our boxes that have been waiting for several days.

Please accept our deepest apologies; we generally have pretty good turnaround, but we just couldn't control the weather this time!
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oh not a problem , i just thought i remembered hearing about the fast service nd i think it it has been at least a week and i havent gotten my package
It usually is as fast as Bailey mentioned! I totally forgot you guys got hit by that icestorm! What a nightmare for a business that has to depend on the shipping industry!
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Yeah, it was a bummer. At least we were still online and able to operate. THe storm really took a toll on brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants.
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I know, I had a few co-workers stuck in San Antonio earlier this week. A friend of mine from Houston said that Texas is not used to ice, so they basically wait until it melts Hope it's all better now.
Yeah, we're all dried out and back to normal.

We are such wimps!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
k. hope my stuff is still on the way...i ordered jan 8th and havent gotten anything scared :/
You should really email Gretchen. I ordered last Sunday and even with the Monday holiday and the ice storm I still got my stuff on Saturday. Usually it only takes 2-3 days.
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