How long does it take for Curl mart to ship normally?

I live in Canada and would like to know how long it usually takes to ship out to Canada?

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if u go to the curlmart site they have the faq on shipping and handling
this is what the site says:
International Shipping

UPS Worldwide Expedited: 26 business days. Price includes applicable UPS brokerage fees and same-day shipping if placed by 2 pm CST.
UPS Standard to Canada: Usually within 10 business days. Price does not include brokerage fees or same-day shipping.
USPS Priority International: Usually within 10 to 21 business days. Price does not include brokerage fees or same-day shipping.
Please note: In the event your USPS order is lost, damaged, or refused, the original shipping fees assessed on your order may be forfeited. CurlMart does not cover the cost of reshipping orders when the initial order was shipped with USPS.

if u have more questions you can always email customer service and theyll get back to you
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Hi hma128,

Questl0ve is right about the shipping time frame for Canadian orders.

Don't forget, WorldWide Expedited includes all your brokerage fees and same-day shipping if your order is placed on a weekday before 2 p.m. central time. It's more expensive, but it's a pretty good value for the services offered!

Have a great day!

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