CurlMart mid Juyl & August newsletter

The past two newsletters have arrived in my e-mail blank. I've tried different browsers and still there is no visible content in the message. I did receive previous newsletters without any problem. Any advice? I'd hate to miss out on news and specials.
Are you the one I've talked to via email?
What emailer are you using? What OS?
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Hi Gretchen,

No, we haven't talked via e-mail. I'll pm you with my e-mail address. By O/S you mean operating system? I have Windows XP at home and I think Windows 2000 at work. I was able to read earlier newsletters.
Ok, I'll have smart guy look into it.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
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Can you forward me the blank emails you received? You mention your work and home computers, do you normally view the newsletter from both of them?

BTW - when you send me the blank newsletters can you do so as attachements? I need to view the message headers.

Chris & Gretchen,

Thanks for your help with this issue. Actually, it seems that I am able to read the newsletters on my home computer. At work I use webmail and that seems to be where the problem is. At home I download my e-mails and I am able to read the newsletters that way.

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