gift certificate ?

hello gretchen

iI HAVE my order ready for curl mart that comes to over 200 dollars amounting close to 300 with shipping . I was wondering if theres any GIFT certificates i can use to make my order discounted .

my questions are :
1-any gift certificates? ( for labour day / members / national curly day/ any holidays >?! )
2- do u charge tax for a tax free country ? as mycountry is a no tax country?
3- blended cutie curl quenching conditioner is out of stock and i wanted to order it . how soon will it be in stock ?
4- do u have any magnetic hair rollers we can order while we ordering from curl mart - i wanted the jumbo size.

pls reply asap as im waiting for answes in the above and then i will plave my pending order.
email me :
thanks alot!
I replied to your email.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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