not real happy with curlmart right now....

I tried to take advantage of the Labor Day coupon and ordered a few things a week ago. For the first time, I used paypal to pay instead of just a c/c. I never received a confirmation email from curlmart. And when I search my 'order history'....nothing! If I had not printed my invoice, I would have no record, except the $60+ came out of my paypal account.
No response yet to my inquiring email yesterday, so I sent another one today and opened a dispute on paypal. I've ordered from curl mart twice before (once was 2 years ago...once a few months ago), so this was #3. Usually I just go directly to the website of the manufactorer of the product. I'm thinking this may be my last curlmart order.....regardless of a coupon!

And what is really irritating is I turned down a chance to buy a larger size of one of the items from an individual on curltalk (for a really good price!) b/c I already spent the money on a bunch of samples in this order, and wanted to try it first before commiting to a nearly-full bottle.

Why not try calling on Monday to speak with someone at the CurlMart toll-free number at the bottom of CurlMart screen? I'm sure they can confirm your info and/or help solve the problem. Good luck!
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Please check your email, I responded to your question. Your order is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Your email confirmation for your order and shipping may have landed in your spam folder. Please email me directly if you need anything and I will follow up with you. Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate your business.

Shelly Fontana
That's a relief...

Still a mystery that it is not in my order history and I've searched every folder for the email confirmation...and I never got the shipping confirmation email either like I had in the past.

but at least it is not lost!!...thanks again!

Just to let you all know that paypal has been having some issues with this lately. It may not be the fault of the website you are buying from. I placed an order for henna with paypal from and they never received my order from paypal. The ladies at Mehandi rushed my order after i called them and said that other people had the same issues last month with paypal. Paypal had no record of the purchase but i save everything on my CUTEPDF writer and when i went back to the saved version from paypal on my computer it's confirmation number was 0 and the order date was listed as Dec 1, 1963. I did call paypal's customer service but all the woman who hardly spoke english could tell me was there was no record of the purchase and if i was "sure" i placed it......EERRRR whatever lady.... I have not had issues since ....the only thing i could suggest is when you place the order check to make sure you have a confirmation number and a current date. I love both Mehandi and Curlmart!!! Both have super service and i like the little goodies i get from curlmart along with my order!! Paypal will have to earn my trust again though..........
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