Anyone ever used the ORIGINAL Buns of Steel

by Greg Smithey? I just ordered it because the reviews are great and my butt needs work. It's always been flat. It actually looks a little better lately with all of my barre workouts but not as good as I would like. My abs and waist have improved a lot in the past few months and my arms are getting toned. The DVD is from the 80's but so is Callanetics and I don't mind the outdated sets, clothes and music. I can't understand why anyone would let that bother them.

But has anyone used it and if so what did you think? I already own so many DVDs that I almost dread having to work in another one, but it sounds like this one would be worth it.
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whoops! nm

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Just FYI, I like it. I can really feel my glutes when I am doing it.

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