Raw Vegan detoxing and diet

Is anyone a raw vegan or has tried the raw vegan diet? How did it affect you hair or hair growth? I recently got Karyn Calabrese's book " Soak Your Nuts" and its a detox/raw vegan diet transition program. I haven't started it yet, but I just wanted to read it through first to understand the program first.
I eat vegan most of the time, whenever I make my own food.When I'm with family members who used a little bit of milk in a meal and there is absolutely no other option I won't beat myself up about it, but I'll keep my portion very very small.
But generally speaking I think milk and eggs are yuck.

I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in their raw form and I'm totally into juicing.
What I've noticed is that I'm in a much better mood after eating raw or drinking green juices. It lifts my mood. It's also important to keep the digestion times of different foods in the back of my head.
So I won't eat a salad or fruit right after I had a heavier meal, because it's digested quickly and will sit in my stomach longer as a fermented mass causing gas and stinkiness because it cannot pass through.

I feel ever since I started changing my diet I pay close attention to how I feel after I eat and what's going on with my body.

There are certain vegan products I don't like to eat one is Agave Nectar. It can stress the liver too much.
Diet is only one aspect of what makes us healthier (that makes sense?), I try to get a good sleep and exercise too.


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