Toned For Summer Challenge

Alright so I don't actually need to lose weight, I just want to tone up around m arms and stomach. Well actually my whole body in general. I want to be be ready for the summer (June 1, 2012)! Which of course is right around the corner and I'm starting a little late, but oh well.

I'm doing insanity. Its not my first time, but I've never completed both months. Just the first one. I got sick and got out of the swing of things, but I'm back!

I'm going to try and do it everday like I am supposed to (for a while I reduced it to 3 times a week b/c I was tired and busy ... may keep it this way though).

Also I am drinking Body by Vi shakes in the process of this. They have been working pretty well for me. I lost 5lbs during my non workout period. Wanna learn more just go to this link ---->

I'm posting some pics of me today and where I'm starting.

Anyone interested in joining me?
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I need to tone up as well. I have problems getting to the gym often. I was interested in insanity, but am not sure I would do it often enough. I did just order a total gym. I'm hoping this will be diverse enough that I won't lose interest quickly. I'm naturally thin, but have a high percentage of body fat. I would love to be able to wear shorts and not feel self conscious!
understandable. I like insanity for its intensity and I don't need weights to do it. I can just do it on my own time.

I think for you not to lose interest you have to get creative with workouts. Switch it up so it isn't the same boring routine. Alternate days and do something different on the odd days
I have started jogging, hoping to tone up as well
3C .....thru......10Z
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Nothing exudes confidence like a woman comfortable in her own skin.
I've started doing elliptical exercises in the mornings before I go to work. The main reason is for the energy it gives me, the second reason is because my tummy is wobbly. I also do a smattering of yoga and weight training but I'm trying to get my hubby (a phys ed minor) to come up with a weekly schedule for me. If I have one, I'll most likely follow it.

I've also started to cut about 85% of the carbs and processed sugars I was eating, all highly processed foods are gone (so much for easy cooking), and I'm seriously cutting back on dairy products (since I'm lactose intolerant, bloat does not help when one wants to look thinner).

I'm hoping to be visibly more toned and thinner by my birthday (June 19). Yeah I know it's a bit of a tall order.
Just posting an update of what i am looking like around now. Still hoping for more toned arms. I am getting more time for exercise now that my school year is coming to a close.
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I've started using the rowing machine at the gym. It uses a lot of different muscles so I feel like I am getting more of an overall workout. I need to start lifting more weights though. I'm determined to get my legs in shape, but genetics are working against me 😒

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