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I'm curious how most curlies pull their hair back for running. Are there any minimally damaging ways to keep hair protected and out of the way? I wish I could wrap it.. but it seems like that would make my head sweaty... certainly would keep it safe from the elements though!
Try a pony tail, then braid it and wrap it around the base into a bun. I think that would certainly keep your hair protected!

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I do a low pony and wear a running hat (just a baseball cap in technical fabric).
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I run at least every other day and I usually do a low ponytail or side ponytail
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I wear a big, thick cloth headband. My hair doesn't even touch my shoulders yet, so it just keeps my locks held back without pulling on it. Try a white one. It will keep you cooler since it's a lighter color than your hair . Unless you happen to sweat more than the average person, and then you might find it too hot.
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